Special Thanks to:


Hank Schriel

For a number of ideas, edits and thoughts on the Bridge 21 website. 

John Burgoin

For a keen read-through on the Bridge 21 book. 

Michael Abbey

For keeping up on the ACBL rules, website mistakes and computer work flow at Club Games. Michael has also fixed a number of complex problems. Here are his thoughts on the results on his website : 


For recommendations on updating the site.

Martha Chang

For Back-end programming, updates and random other tasks that needed to be done. 


For being the websites model and ambassador.

Charles Xavier William

For making the Bridge 21 book, website, calendar, graphics, advertising and  other detials to obscure to remember.  



Thank you for editing the home page and recommending sharper colors.

Thank You from the players


Player Thank You Cards :)

It is so nice to get cards and gifts from people. 


Thank You !

Hope to see you all at a Club Game !


Hope to see you all on one of the Bridge 21 Cruises

We will have our own room for bridge !