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Improve Your Memory

Playing bridge is an excellent way to maintain and even improve your level of concentration and memory, make new friends and help you stay healthy. Bridge 21 is a great system to help you become a better bridge player quickly.


Beat the Experts

Yes, the bridge 21 system has helped beginner players play more successfully against more experienced players.


Learn Fast

Bridge 21 takes two sets of lessons, taken in just under 3 months to understand. Most other systems can take much longer to understand and use well.

About Bill Wheeler

Infamous Quotes

"Clubs and Diamonds suck !  

Count your points.   

21 times before it sticks.  

Down one is good bridge.    

 B.I.F.F. (Bridge is for fun)"


ACBL teacher since 2002.   

Taught in the Ottawa School Board for over 10 years, now teaching bridge for the City of Ottawa.  

 Has taught bridge to over 1,000 players, runs 6 clubs in the Ottawa area, tournament co-ordinator for Eastern Ontario and has given lessons around the world.     

• Chairman of the Ottawa Sectionals •   

• ACBL Accredited Teacher •  

• Club Director •  

•  Club Manager •

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"Testimony from a Club Member; Bridge is a perfect outlet for myself and my wife, we use Bill Wheeler’s 2 over 1 approach (BRIDGE 21) ) whose focus is on partners telling each other more.  The Arnprior Club has been most welcoming.  We have met so many new friends."


"One of the nicest people you will ever meet. The one and only Bill Wheeler (a.k.a. Wild Bill and the Wheeler Dealer). I first met Bill at the table and his skill, not to mention personality, was a winner with me. I frequent a Wednesday evening (6:30pm eastern) game he does at 200 Lett (near Preston and Albert). Bill has encouraged me during my duplicate career and always has a smile and a pensive "scowl" on his face as he is always planning his next bid. Ride'm cowboy.  If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Bill, he will ride'm - all the way to  slam in spades or notrump."